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"Worth Less ?" School Funding Campaign

Funding available from Government for education has been squeezed significantly in recent years and this seems likely to continue in the near future.  The situation is even tougher in Dorset because of the differences in how funding for schools is allocated across the country.  School Heads and Governors in Purbeck are determined to do as much as possible to raise awareness of the inequities in funding, and to seek to ensure more is done faster to redress these issues.  Hence the 'Worth Less ?" campaign, which asks why children in some parts of the country appear to be "worth less" than others.

On this page, you will find a number of documents that show the disparities in funding across the country, the position of Dorset in respect of funding, and a copy of a letter sent to The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Hammond, in respect of this issue.

We hope you will find this information of interest, even if it does make for difficult reading.  The commitment of the Governors, the Headteacher and all the staff at St George's will always be to do everything we can to support all our children to be safe, to be happy and to achieve and progress in their education, despite these being very challenging times for education, and we appreciate the support that all our parents and the wider community provide to the children and ourselves.


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