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Pre-school and Wrap-around Provision

The school has very close links with St George's Pre-school, which is located on the school site. Although a separate entity in its own right, the pre-school is adjoined to the school, making the transition and collaboration between the two educational establishments very effective for the children. Our Foundation Stage teacher establishes very close links with the staff and children from September onwards, making a child's journey through St George's smooth and relaxed.

St George's Pre-school children are able to use the school hall and other facilities on a weekly basis, establishing familiarity with the formal school setting from a young age, hence enabling the new intake to settle quickly when they join us in Reception. 

The pre-school takes children from aged 2 to 5 years (pre-school age). 

See or contact Sabrina Moss, Pre-School Leader, on 01929 423704.

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Link to Early Years School Readiness Partnership Agreement

Wrap-around Provision

Wrap-around-care, including breakfast club and after-school clubs, are also provided by pre-school staff and open to children from both the pre-school and primary school.  

Click here to find out more information about wraparound provision.