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2023 - 2024

The children have settled really well into Oak class this half-term and have completed fabulous learning! On Tuesday afternoons, Mr Keys (from the Dorset Music Service) has been teaching the children to programme music using a Digital Audio Workstation. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning this programming and are beginning to programme their own musical compositions using the techniques that they have learnt.

Learning about World War Two this half-term, the children had the opportunity to visit the Bovington Tank Museum and learnt so much about life on the Home Front. They heard about the life of an Air Raid Warden together with how the Women’s Land Army supported the production of food (which was in very short supply). Completing the replica shop activity, they found out about how little each person had as a ration together with what domestic life was like without the assistance of modern appliances. During the afternoon, they children explored the museum in smaller groups and it was wonderful to observe how engaged they were with their learning!

This term we have been reading War Diary, by Marcia Williams, about a young girl (called Flossie Albright) who lived on an estate near Dorchester. It is a beautifully illustrated diary about the life of a young girl during World War Two. The children have used it as an inspiration to write wonderful letters that are written in the style of the young girl together with illustrations. Such wonderful work!

As we head towards the half-term break, it only remains to thank you for supporting your child’s learning- the home learning has been amazing and I am very much looking forward to the Autumn 2 term!



Oak Class Autumn Term 1 2023