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It has been wonderful to welcome back the rest of Maple class after the last lockdown. I have to say the children all worked incredibly hard at home and produced some brilliant work, which they displayed on Teams.

This term, the children have enjoyed finishing off some tasks based around the topic ‘The Rainforest’. They used maps and Google Earth to pinpoint locations and discovered why  rainforests were found in certain places in the world. They also made some fantastic ‘Biomes in a Box’ as a home-learning task.

Maple class has now moved on in their topic work with the focus on ‘Steam Power’. The children are really fascinated by this and have looked into the history of the railway and how it has developed over time. We also plan to take a trip on the local railway line, and see a real steam locomotive in action!

The class has also been enjoying art this term. We were lucky enough to be gifted a box of stamps from The English Stamp Company, located just up the road from us. We used these stamps to create our own masterpieces, which were all so different and unique. We then looked at how we could use natural objects in the environment to create our own stamps. We found some beautiful leaves to create a stamp using our own choice of paint colours, which we blended to create a fantastic print. We also looked at using visual language in art. We watched videos from the artists behind the creations of Pixar and Disney movies and how they place the characters to create the desired effect. We created our own picture looking at the placement of the character in the foreground and background and how this gave our character in the foreground a more important role despite their smaller size.

We have had a busy time since returning to school, and we are looking forward to many more exciting activities in the final half-term.

Best wishes,

Mrs Legg

Maple Class Teacher