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Once again, we have been very busy this half term, but fortunately we have enjoyed learning in school this half term, all following the strict COVID guidelines, of course! 

In maths we have been covering a selection of topics including fractions, shape and measure.  In English we have continued our work on comprehension skills and spelling rules.  The children have also completed their weekly independent writing tasks on topics including healthy living, letter writing and instructions about how to plant a sunflower. 

The children have had an opportunity to create their own art work focusing on line and pattern this term, inspired by the Dorset landscape all around us. Take a look at some of our fantastic, colourful work below.

In science, we have been learning about plants and how they grow. This has included planting our own sunflowers and watching and observing them grow and mature.  We hope to plant these sunflowers at the front of the school within the next few weeks!   

In history, the children have been thinking about all the changes in their own lifetimes, and have then created their own time lines, including all the key events in their life.  Wow - what busy and interesting lives they’ve all had! 

Our ICT lessons have been all about using the internet to research space and the planets.  This has resulted in Beech class creating their own information book about space. 

Relationships is the subject of our PSHE lessons this term.  We have been thinking about friendships and families and asking questions such as how our families differ and when secrets are good or bad. 

What a busy half term, with so much learning being achieved.  And with the weather soon to improve, we hope, watch this space for some exciting and fun outdoor visits and activities we are planning for the last half term of this academic year!

Best wishes,
Mr Girling,
Beech Class Teacher