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Acorn Class

2023 - 2024

Summer 2

This half term has been an exciting end to the school year for Acorn class. They have enjoyed a trip to Brownsea Island where they spotted red squirrels, tried pond dipping and observed from a bird hide. When the sun has decided to shine the class have enjoyed visiting the allotment to check on our plants and see what has been growing, the children have reflected on what we have learnt through Understanding the World where we have focused on growth and what plants need to thrive. This has linked with our learning in PSHE, following our SCARF scheme where we have talked about seasons, life stages for plants, animals and humans, getting bigger, where do babies come from? And me and my body.

In phonics they have consolidated CVCC and CCVCC words and used bridging lessons to introduce the different spelling of the same sound for example c, k, and ck. Books of the week they have enjoyed include Lighthouse Keepers Mystery and Commotion in the Ocean, all books have linked with our sun, sand and sea topic this half term. The children have also enjoyed following along with our chapter books on adventures with Pat the sea otter and Suzy the French cat who got lost in a hot air balloon! In maths the children have been manipulating shapes, repeating patterns and looking at things from different angles and visualising and building maps. They have revisited doubles, number bonds to 5 and 10, odds and evens and counting in 10’s.

Other highlights include RE looking at similarities and differences between churches and mosques, where they really enjoyed comparing the church on Brownsea Island to our church in Langton. Tennis coaching and PE lessons with Mr Kelly, lots of ball skills, team work and fun has been had. Sports fun spilled over into sports day where every member of the class gave it their all and worked really hard to earn points for their house. Recently we had a fantastic French day where everyone was keen to sample some French food including cheese and brioche. The children had a go at some French counting, learned more about the upcoming Olympics and some recreated landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triumph. They were also very excited to have a visit from Zoo Lab, where the got up close and personal with some creepy crawlies including a rose tarantula, corn snake and desert rat!

A fantastic way to finish a brilliant year! Thank you, Acorn class, for all the learning, laughs and memories. Happy Summer!

Acorn Class Summer Term 2 2024


Summer 1

What a very busy half term we have had in Acorn class! We started the half term with our topic Let’s Grow, with our book of the week The Tiny Seed. We introduced our garden centre role play area and updated our outside area to include lots of plant pots, trowels and compost for the children to explore. We have really enjoyed planting seeds, tending our allotment and watching our beans and sunflowers grow as part of this topic. We particularly enjoyed reading Handa’s Surprise, and The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat and Oliver’s Vegetables too.

We have been working hard in Maths finishing our unit on To 20 and beyond, thinking about how many now, one more and one less. We moved on to manipulating shapes, making patterns and experimenting with blocks, 2D shapes, tangrams and Numicon.

In Literacy we have been continuing with our dictation and building on our attempts at independent writing. We introduced sound mats to support the children when writing, and we have given them lots of opportunities to write for purpose, one of our favourites being writing labels to put on the allotment! Playdoh fun remains popular as it continues to help our fine motor skills develop, which will help with handwriting – and it’s lots of fun! We’ve been doing lots of reading - to one another, to our teachers and to different year groups – we have loved showing off how well we can now read!

We loved having Harold the Giraffe visit us on our Scarf Day, helping us to keep healthy and safe and we’ve enjoyed finding out more this term about healthy eating, being active and building resilience. We have been able to play outside on the field, visit the Nature Trail and the allotment and we loved taking over all the playground equipment on outside classroom day, as well as playing huge games of noughts and crosses using chalks on the ground! Maple dancing was great fun, and although we were a bit daunted in the beginning, we worked really hard and the final performance was fantastic! We were very proud of ourselves.

Acorn Class Summer Term 1 2024


Spring 2

What a very busy half term we have had in Acorn class, it has been lovely welcoming Miss Bower, and the children have all enjoyed having two teachers!   We started the half term with our topic Traditional Tales, thinking about what features traditional tales often include and how they have changed over the years. We have continued this topic work through our Books of the Week including ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘The Three Little Pigs, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and ‘Goldilocks’. The children enjoyed exploring maths and writing opportunities linked to these stories. Our Role Play area was reconstructed as a Traditional Tales shop, which the children have enjoyed.   

We have loved being out and about this half term. We’ve been on a Spring walk to check on the progress of our allotment, as well as our trip to the farm at Tincleton. The children loved seeing the cows and their calves and going on a ‘Bear Hunt’ walk through the woods, exploring the different habitats that we have in Purbeck. We all loved the trip to the cinema to see ‘Trolls Band Together’ at the Mowlem, and we loved going on the minibus!  

We have also particularly enjoyed the whole school events on World Book Day and RE Journey Day, which meant we could work alongside children from other classes. This has also meant moving around the school, completing work in different classrooms with different teachers – great preparation for the years ahead!  

In Maths we have been working hard on ‘Building 9 and 10’. We have used all sorts of manipulatives to get to know these numbers, including ten frames, dice, counters, lego, and small animals. We have thought about counting forwards and backwards to 10, composition of 10, bonds to 10, doubles and odd and even numbers.  

This term we have added in dictation to our phonics lessons, and we have continued to expand our phonic knowledge using flashcards, word building, interactive white board games, sound swap and seek the sound. We have also started work on independent sentence writing, as well as captions for our pictures. We are still working on our handwriting, taking opportunities to write Mother’s Day, thank you and Easter cards to help practise.   We are still working on strengthening our small fingers so there has been lots of ‘squiggling’ as well, which the children have really enjoyed.  

As part of Expressive Art and Design, we have made links with our Understanding the World curriculum, and thought about the celebrations of Mother’s Day and Easter, completing art work and craft that linked to these celebrations. We also explored music, preparing for our Easter service and our rousing rendition of ‘Spring Chicken’ – all of the children did us proud!  

We have thought about Rights and Respect this half term in PSED, and how we look after special people and our classroom, as well as our homes. We have thought about how we look after our world in class worships as well as making links to Sustrans Walk and Wheel 2024. The children have also enjoyed learning about Easter in RE where we planted our Easter garden, and participating in the RE Journey Day where they explored planting sunflowers, making happy and sad music and decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs, thinking about what is happening in our wider world.  

We continue to be immensely proud of all of the children and the progress they are making, we are looking forward to our new topic ‘Let’s grow!’ in the summer term, and heading ‘To 20 and beyond!’ in Maths. What a lot of exciting things to look forward to!  


Spring 1

What a very busy half term we have had in Acorn class! We started the half term with our topic Amazing Animals, beginning by learning about the artist Henry Rousseau and making our own Tiger pictures using colour and collage.  We have continued this topic work through our Books of the Week including ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, ‘Superworm’ and ‘What the Ladybird heard’.  We also enjoyed going on the RSPB birdwatch around our local area, where we took the opportunity to check on our allotment. The children wondered what the bulbs were doing, as they still appeared to be ‘sleeping’, so we have ‘faith and hope’ that they will flower in the Spring. As part of this topic, we restructured our Role Play area which became a Veterinary Surgery, which the children have loved exploring.

In Maths we have been working hard on subitising our numbers, 6, 7, and 8. We have used dominoes, blocks, numicon, dice and counters to explore what these numbers look like, what we see and how we see it. Using these questions we have begun to think about doubles and odd and even numbers. 

We have continued to expand our phonic knowledge using flashcards, word building, interactive white board games, sound swap and seek the sound. We have completed some fantastic English work, thinking about New Year resolutions, our favourite animals and recounting our trip to Salisbury Cathedral.  We have worked hard on our handwriting and practised our pencil grip using the ‘crocodile snap’ song. We are still working on strengthening our small fingers so there has been lots of play doh fun as well!

We particularly enjoyed our trip to Salisbury Cathedral, the coach trip was exciting, and lots of children could tell us various places that they had visited before. We also had great fun singing and pointing our farm animals that we saw along the way! We also enjoyed welcoming our visitors from Wessex Water this half term, and loved becoming Water Warriors and learning how we could do our bit to save water and help the environment. We have been lucky to be able to get outside on the field , the Nature Trail and the allotment, especially as part of Number Day when we went on an outdoor Maths trail!

As part of our Expressive Art and Design curriculum, we have had great fun making cardboard worlds, constructing props for our finger puppets and drawing and colouring animals, Numberblocks and making posters for Safer Internet Day. We have also begun making glove puppets where we have thought really carefully about what we want out puppets to look like, and we loved making pancakes!

In PSED, we have thought really hard this half term about how we want to keep ourselves safe in the home, online, and out and about. The children have made fantastic connections using this learning when cooking and on Safer Internet Day. The children have also enjoyed learning about different celebrations in RE and particularly enjoyed learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and lighting the menorah and eating latkes. Some of the children represented the school when talking to the SIAMS visitors, and they did fantastically well explaining what they had been learning in RE.

It is hard to believe that we are now halfway through the children’s first year at School. We are so proud of all of the children, how they have settled, and the progress that they are making. We are looking forward to welcoming Miss Bower back to Acorn Class after half term and starting our new topic, Traditional Tales. Have a wonderful half term!

Acorn Class Spring Term 1 2024


Autumn 2

What a busy half term Acorn class have had! They have so enjoyed the different areas of learning, and having the opportunity to participate in Forest School over the last few weeks. We started the term with ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and introduced our role play Post Office area which immediately sparked their imaginations. They have since been busy posting letters, cutting out stamps, writing petitions, making Christmas cards, and decorating and writing in jotters. They were thrilled to learn about the Dubber Christmas Cover competition and worked hard on their entries. They learnt about Guy Fawkes Night and bonfire safety and made some very sensible suggestions about keeping safe.  

Next up came a visit from the Science Dome which captivated their attention and they used lots of language skills and vocabulary building talking about what they had seen. Our following book was ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, and they particularly loved the Yoga adventure which accompanied this story. They also made some beautiful stained glass poppies as part of our Remembrance activities. The children all participated so maturely in anti-bullying week and Children in Need efforts which coincided with discussing different families and homes in PSED, and thinking about what makes us different and what makes us the same. The children loved discussing what makes them unique!  

What a lot of fun we had going to Arne! That was a busy week, as there was also Outdoor Classroom Day where we spent time digging and planting on our allotment. We had glorious weather and lots of help from our school governors, we can’t wait until the Spring to see what happens to our bulbs! We also started our preparations for Christmas, by making Christmas Tree decorations for the Christmas Tree Fair at the Church, and the children enjoyed decorating their stars. This of course tied in with the Nativity story in RE, which we loved exploring.  

The book Monty’s Journey was a lovely part of our Joyful Journeys topic, and we discussed the similarities to Stick Man which is our final book of the week this term.  As part of this topic we also visited Corfe Castle Railway Museum which was a fantastic experience, and lots of fun! Our Christmas preparations continued with mittens and jars, ready for the end of the school year and a memento from their first term at school. Christmas cards and preparations for the Nativity took up lots of our penultimate week and the children worked hard on their performances.  

Incredibly this term, we also managed to fit in Sounds Write, units 4, 5, and 6 introducing lots more new sounds as well as shared reading in class and we focused on writing our name and letter formation too. In Maths we spent some time on four sided shapes, triangles and circles, and consolidating numbers 1 – 5.  

Our final flourish was of course our Nativity and Christmas service at the Church which was a beautiful event. The children performed brilliantly and we were so proud of them all.  We wish Acorn class a wonderful Christmas holiday and hope you have a relaxing, magical time.  


Autumn 1

What an amazing first half term Acorn Class have had! We are so proud of each and every one of them for settling into school so well, making friends, enjoying their learning, and joining our very special school family. The weeks have flown by, we have been so busy! Highlights have been our Harvest Festival in Church, surrounded by our community and performing so beautifully, as well as the sponsored walk, where those with the smallest of legs in our school showed determination and resilience and loved every minute of the challenge!  

We started off by settling in, reading The Colour Monster goes to school, engaging in story times, learning our school rules, and being introduced to our school routines. We learned how to play safely in the playground, enjoy snack and lunch time, walk safely during visits to the Church, the nature trail and the local area! We explored our outdoor area, we loved playing with targets, playing in the sand pit, using the story shed and building obstacle courses in the garden.  

We started Sounds Write on our second day and now we can do lots of word building as well as well as recognising some phoneme- grapheme correspondences. We are beginning to form some letters correctly, and our handwriting will be a focus next term. We have enjoyed lots of fine motor activities this term such as sewing, threading, peg boards, play dough and jigsaws to build up strength in our hands ready for writing.  

In our ‘It’s me you see!’ topic we have learnt about each of our families, who we live with, and where we live. We have looked at maps, and marked all our homes on a map of the local area. We have talked about our pets, our favourite animals, and our favourite foods and colours. We’ve found out about when our birthdays are, celebrated some birthdays already, and discovered that all our families might be different but they are connected by love!  

In Maths we have explored, matching, sorting and comparing, measure, patterns and it’s me 1, 2, 3! We have been counting blocks, building towers, making sets and groups, matching patterns, continuing repeating patterns, playing musical instruments and completing ‘how many?’ activities as well as ‘one more than’ activities.  

The children have really enjoyed getting out and about in our local area, looking for signs of Autumn and participating in the sponsored walk. They also enjoyed our trips to Church, to get to know the Church during RE lessons and to perform our Harvest Festival. 

The children have loved all the opportunities to play games; on the field at lunchtime, on the adventure play in our playground, and in PE lessons. In PE they have explored big movements and moving with control as well as jumping!  

We have witnessed personal, social and emotional development over the term, talking about what makes us special, who helps us, and our feelings.  The staff have been blown away by the kindness and compassion Acorn class have shown, and the maturity with which they have approached the start of their school journey, it has been such a pleasure getting to know them this term. We hope they have a wonderful break and look forward to the new half term and the start of all things Christmas!  

Acorn Class Autumn Term 1 2023